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THL Kuji Kaoni Musashi C.E.
[Emmett Miller]
Submitted: 11/11/14


Welcome to my SCA "Resume". When I joined, sometime in the 70's, my persona was not Japanese but European. If any of you should discover my first SCA persona and name, I will gladly give you a cookie. My interests vary widely from medieval combat, to entertainment, to Japanese culture. This information is accurate to the best of my recollection.

Award of the Kings Chalice 12/03/12
Order of the Evergreen 01/26/08
Order of the Silver Oak 03/03/90
Award of Arms 07/16/88

Knight's Marshall, Shire of Rokkehealden
Marshall of the Field, Midrealm
Seneschal, Incipient Shire of Foxvale
Clan Kuji, Founder
Tengusanji, Co-Founder
Coxcomb Academy of Performing Arts, Dean
Shire of Foxvale, Founding Member

Name: "Kuji Ka Onimusashi" Accepted: 07/92
Device: "Vert, a sheaf of forked arrows inverted surmounted by a three pronged vajhra fesswise Or." Accepted: 07/96

Dean of Conjuring, Coxcomb Academy of Performing Arts
Deputy Chancellor, Coxcomb Academy of Performing Arts
WGN “Someone Special Award” for Organizing American Red Cross Medieval Fair Fundraiser Event

Street Performer at Pennsic 197? – Present
Gambling Table, Stone Dog Inn 2002 - Present
Stone Dog Inn 2002 - 2009
The Ayreton Carnivale 03/09
Feast Herald, Ayreton Carnivale 03/09
Twelfth Night [Tree-Girt-Sea] 01/09
Bardic Madness [Grey Gargoyles] 11/08
Fox Hunt [Incipient Shire of Foxvale] 09/08
Queen's Tea [Middle Kingdom] Pennsic 08’
Twelfth Night [Tree-Girt-Sea] 01/08
Wakefield Project Pennsic 07’
Festival of Maidens [Wurm Wald] 01/07
Conjurors' Cavalcade Pennsic 2004 - 2006
Twelfth Night [Tree-Girt-Sea] 01/05

1st Place, A&S Competition, Japanese Armor
Arrow Stands
Forges (Three)
Geta (Six Pair) - Japanese Wooden Shoe
Japanese Armor (Five Suits)
Japanese Bow Drill [1990] - The bow drill is unusual in its construction, as the main shaft of the drill has a fly wheel attached. The string of the bow is attached to the top of the drill and runs equal lengths to either side. When the shaft of the drill is twisted, the bow is drawn up the shaft. The drill is now ready for use and can be operated by pushing the bow down the shaft of the drill, causing the drill shaft to spin. Pressure is released and the bow is allowed to travel back up the shaft, resetting the drill for an additional push.
Japanese Fire Starter
Japanese House
Kyu - "Portable Alter Backpack"
Jutte - Japanese Sword Disarming Tool
Kakuandon - Japanese Square Paper Lantern
Manrikigusari - Chain w/Weighted Ends
Naginata (Two) - Japanese Halberd
Period Crossbow
Produced Assorted Period Magic Tricks
Tatami (Two) - Japanese Flooring
Tate (Five) - Japanese Shield
Tessen (Three) - Japanese Iron Fan
Trebuchet (Three)
Tsuranuki - Japanese Bear Skin Shoes
Viking Spear
Waraji (Ten Pair) - Straw Sandals
Ya - Japanese Arrows
Yari - Japanese Spear


Advanced Conjuring
Asian Divination
Basic Blacksmithing
Bo - Japanese Quarter Staff
Developing an Act
How to Make a Portable Forge
How to Make Japanese Rope Sandals
Introduction to Conjuring
Introduction to Juggling
Japanese Archery
Japanese Architecture
Japanese Chainmail
Japanese Empty-Hand Battlefield Combat
Japanese Language
Japanese Religions & Philosophy
Japanese Spear
Japanese Two-Handed Sword
Jewelry Making
Lost Wax Casting
Ninja: Facts & Myths
Street Performing in the SCA

“10,000 Arrow Shoot” - In 1606 at Sanjusangendo Temple, an archery competition was held to determine how many arrows one could fire in a day. The competition tracked both the number of arrows fired and the number of hits on the target. The target was approximately 142 yards away. The world record holder for this competition is Wasa Daichiro, who fired 13,053 arrows and hit the target 8,133 times. In honor of this competition I set a goal of shooting 10,000 arrows in one year, and to shoot the last 1,000 in one day. I completed this goal in the fall of 1999.

Red Cross Medieval Fair [Event Steward] 06/97
“Basic Blacksmithing” Rokkehealden Newsletter
“How to Build a Forge” Rokkehealden Newsletter
“Care and Feeding of a Japanese Sword” Rokkehealden Newsletter

A government official named Bai Juyi, who was a Prefect of Hangzhou. Bai had visited a monk that he presumed was a very wise monk, since many people would gather in a remote countryside to listen to him. The monk was known as Bird's Nest, since he lived in a tree and depended on his followers for help with basic necessities of life.

During Bai's visit he asked Bird's Nest, "What is the most important thing that the Buddha taught?" Bird's Nest replied, "All of the Buddhas taught the same thing. Do no evil deed and engage in deeds of kindness." Bai immediately replied, "I've known this for a long time. Not only I know it, even an eight-year old child knows it." Bird's Nest then replied, "While it is true that an eight-year old child understands it, even an eighty-year old man had difficultly doing it."

My philosophy for service is the same as Bird's Nest reply, "Do no evil deed and engage in deeds of kindness."


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